Papers Of Raw Material

Subconscious paper? You still don't understand? I write raw thoughts here then later inside expand. Worried about my scrap sheet. Worried about my work even if the answer is right. She whispers, goddamn him. I whisper, goddamn her. Until I figured out what my window looks like, snowglobe of emotion. Saved by my paper, saved … Continue reading Papers Of Raw Material

Writing Lovers Love

The, spotlight hunts. We, don't want to be found. Just enough to let me live my life and write. Don't forget your fellow writers when appearing on Entertainment Tonight. Beautiful words Creating Imaginary Plenty of room To read everything you see Curling up with literature and weed Even without smoke the brain feels good. Reading, … Continue reading Writing Lovers Love

“Night Light In The Brain”

Night without any sleep void of answers Another post keeping me awake These words don't care about me they just know how to take Hours missing working my problems on pages without an answer key Words mimic water passing through me While the numb sleep soundly in comfort Words punish sensitive minds Write just one … Continue reading “Night Light In The Brain”