Author Key Lock Heart

I respect these significant keys to your guarded life and compassionate heart, rarely given, acknowledge and respect the high position I know it's not easy opening blank pages to another author in your story, will they be collaborative or seeking vainglory an unfolding painful allegory Secretly I feel the same don't want drama don't want … Continue reading Author Key Lock Heart

Blackout Curtain Questions

When I felt alone, fake comfort would call, Wrapped in a cigar, inside a bottle, Served on a plate, programming through eyes, Never any answers, just ways to lose time without productive thoughts. / I'd say I'm scared and don't trust you care, I'm being immature but oh well I'm very scared, Hope won't stick … Continue reading Blackout Curtain Questions

Life Workbook

Imagine this relationship Saved, always saved and held Yet untrusted, always suspected Evidence spilling out of folders Trustworthiness documented consistently Only to hear, well I'm not sure Only to hear, prove it more. Going everywhere minus home Listening to everyone except the source Pleading for them to return, hearing them say they rather burn Calling … Continue reading Life Workbook