Escaping Takes Actual Effort

Well if you don't want the wheel of scheduled pain Maybe we should come up with a weapon instead of softer chair All this time you've been sitting on sidelines without consistent effort Well go away I've, I've had enough and don't want this multiplying misery We don't like people telling us what to do … Continue reading Escaping Takes Actual Effort

“Neck High”

Staying down under these waters is attractive Especially when I’m tired of fighting to swim I’ve shed all the skins that others wanted, to remove myself farther from them As I accept the temperature of the cage I’m captured in, lights start to dim People think I’m cruel and arrogant but I’m thinking within It … Continue reading “Neck High”

“Without Stopping For Anyone”

Left to dream of better placesThere seems to be a lack of them nowAs I stay inside of my head to find peaceThis world outside isn’t neededShould I be scared of my transitionPromises have become a prisonShould I stay awake and endure it orShould I go to sleep and forget it allHour after hour I … Continue reading “Without Stopping For Anyone”

“Ramen Noodles & Toilet Paper”

Buying dollar toilet paper and Ramen noodles with rent money Feces no longer solid so yeah that means runny until EBT hit Working but without income to pay bills and now higher education gives the chills Government getting rich off interest rates instead of assisting the people to get great Diploma but still working at … Continue reading “Ramen Noodles & Toilet Paper”