Scrambled Face Down

Don't end face down Without a single reason to turn over Tempting to freeze Lacerations on wrists Swept under currents of I'm tired Lungs filled of fetal position cries Dragging flesh through hoops Awaiting anything but now Liquor easing face down living. / Throwing up everything only to swallow See what's left in inside Swearing … Continue reading Scrambled Face Down

Six Inch Nails Of Hurt Followed By Nine Inch Nails Of Misery

Running from razor blades Running from any excuse to dive into nothingness Silencing my failures I'm not going to win - Running from sharpened knives Running from myself Cutting this vessel trying to find the real me There's no reason or help - I'm trying to live and love but there's reason to go on … Continue reading Six Inch Nails Of Hurt Followed By Nine Inch Nails Of Misery

Grunge To Edmond

I love you but it means nothing Same old excuses and I'm weak Splashing heavily to no avail Got out, I'm changed, flirting with endings She gives me hope with cold hands on my slippery throat I'm going somewhere appreciation shown in every quote Replace these temporary days with stability Fuck these bills end my … Continue reading Grunge To Edmond

Chapter Five Features Demolition

Hidden header Further down than a footnote Drink with me under heavily used bridges Liquid shots until bullets Are we really stuck in passive aggressive quicksand Completely damned Loved ones hurting more than helping We feel used and tired Both inspired to play in rush hour traffic Fifth time around and we're going to do … Continue reading Chapter Five Features Demolition

File Away Carolina Dreams

To the archive with important notes Never seen or whispered from the throat Concealed like punishment under the coat Distance die trying intense jump past the moat How can you know me when I stash relevant quotes Humanity stay trying to drown those with boats Why is he negative why is murder he wrote Hope underneath the … Continue reading File Away Carolina Dreams