Dismay Package

Ears busy mind dizzy anger and frustration calling in sinister calm whispers focus lost it's getting worse Until end I pretend driving off roads back again destination never fully discussed perhaps all efforts a blackjack bust over Improvising among shriveling energy what's clear uncleanly I'm empty pulling light trigger hatred displayed or display of dismay … Continue reading Dismay Package

Quick Break In Hell: Talking To Myself For A Minute Before Lashings Again

I don't want to die but I'm not doing too well at this human thing. I'm done with pointless crying and telling myself it'll get better. Work seems like a cruel level, as if there's any that aren't, of Hell. I don't want to be here. I don't want to die. Feel like a fool, … Continue reading Quick Break In Hell: Talking To Myself For A Minute Before Lashings Again

Chambers Of Suicidal Lust

They say, he, he dreams of fucking a gun Writes like him and death violently eat lunch, chewing while teeth fall out Surely, he's trying to influence screams, suicidal darkness dreams, glamorizing As if it's pretty _ hating one's self always shitty _ never good enough Tell him it's not cool _ he is without … Continue reading Chambers Of Suicidal Lust

“Turned Around I Know Now”

The whisper of a lonely breeze cools my tears It says there is no need to keep fighting anymore The inevitable is here and has arms open All of these years spent running away from the love nothingness offers Oh I have been a fool Struggling just irritates my mind and skin Intimate moments with … Continue reading “Turned Around I Know Now”

“No Firewall”

1995 put me in an awkward place First time suicide appeared to me face to face2012 and I'm still ignoring the suicide notes I've hidden just to be safeAttempts at methods that hug me while I stop breathing Obviously did not work correctly stress kind of like a cabin ceilingDealing and dealing without becoming addictedTo the pain fake or real … Continue reading “No Firewall”