Dismay Package

Ears busy mind dizzy anger and frustration calling in sinister calm whispers focus lost it's getting worse Until end I pretend driving off roads back again destination never fully discussed perhaps all efforts a blackjack bust over Improvising among shriveling energy what's clear uncleanly I'm empty pulling light trigger hatred displayed or display of dismay … Continue reading Dismay Package

Yellow Light Seconds

Inadequate, banging through ear speakers I'm nervous and afraid but whatever Stepping carefully dodging traps able to snap without asking, fear smothers voices if no resistance Painful necessary growth, see how disconnected my connections are, I'm juvenile still looking for assistance highly pathetic I get it being a loser stains clouds, minutes, and dreams still … Continue reading Yellow Light Seconds

“Truth In Body And Presentation”

You don’t have to be a porn actress to be sexy You don’t have to be Playboy recommended You don’t have to be covered in makeup, I call it fake up baby You don’t have to be without rashes or pimples Fake breasts or asses just keep it simple   I want reality and reality … Continue reading “Truth In Body And Presentation”