It doesn't care for this area, these containers, evident by confusion Placed on test run planet abandoned Clues hidden from sight but here's a shovel yeah I've been digging baby, hit some power lines Shocked when I returned to current time We're fighting over one percent of real issues, sky misused Banished, hope vanished, barely … Continue reading Fodder

The Reason Why There is a Church on every Corner

So you've decided to hate Thinking being an asshole gonna get you past the gate Look I just can't wait to see your reflection behind the glass Floating in outer space reference Superman flipping and turning fast It's so funny how you watch movies cheering for the hero Then go outside and mimic the villain … Continue reading The Reason Why There is a Church on every Corner

“Conformity Popular”

Looking forward, past the sky Prayers hitting ceilings, then dying How long do we hold on? How long do we hold? I know you appreciate our business We need help this instant but stay placed on hold Killed daily for oil and gold Kids dying and parents dead waiting for mercy Different people cast out, … Continue reading “Conformity Popular”

“Ramen Noodles & Toilet Paper”

Buying dollar toilet paper and Ramen noodles with rent money Feces no longer solid so yeah that means runny until EBT hit Working but without income to pay bills and now higher education gives the chills Government getting rich off interest rates instead of assisting the people to get great Diploma but still working at … Continue reading “Ramen Noodles & Toilet Paper”