Burnt Two To Ways

Our experience brought me to abandoned places sworn off and away. From afar I swore, with confident belief, in future chances of runs considered best of our lives if we stopped running from, I do. Then I listened to you tell me about your next bedroom after mine will earn your submission. Our conversations aren't … Continue reading Burnt Two To Ways

Held Hands In Heavy Rain

Don't ask me to wait Drop dead weight and hurry Choose your destination Unpleased procrastination Candle lives lost tossed away Sky wonders ignoring down to surface Exactly what is this explain our purpose Shouldn't be nervous we're safe But waiting isn't acceptable I've been holding back Regarding building character are you another barrier Timeline living … Continue reading Held Hands In Heavy Rain


If we kiss behind these doors I'll want more Like staying over Cuddling through aggressive thunderstorms staying warm Immature games Never intended for lovers like us Seriously serious Dedicated, dependable Hopefully you'll enjoy a trial run Purchase my full version No annoying ads either way Keys in our names hope where we decide to stay … Continue reading Prospect