Scrambled Face Down

Don't end face down Without a single reason to turn over Tempting to freeze Lacerations on wrists Swept under currents of I'm tired Lungs filled of fetal position cries Dragging flesh through hoops Awaiting anything but now Liquor easing face down living. / Throwing up everything only to swallow See what's left in inside Swearing … Continue reading Scrambled Face Down

Path In Gold Country

Maybe I'll walk with you, take a break To remember where I've crawled from There were bitter moments, frozen hours Fear of life more scary than turning in my body So maybe I'll walk with you, somewhere peaceful Refusing pessimistic calls. Middle path, in-between, rivers of unpredictability Look sometimes smiles break down, emotions skin Deeper … Continue reading Path In Gold Country

Downpour Days Radar

Without a path away from mental clutter, darkened skies reign Impressed and shocked in moments loneliness is revealed, assigning importance is work Wish to stay where I am but I know this cycle isn't any good, unknowns haunt uncertain footsteps away Maybe a few cold glasses of water and a blunt in solitude will aid … Continue reading Downpour Days Radar

Escaping Takes Actual Effort

Well if you don't want the wheel of scheduled pain Maybe we should come up with a weapon instead of softer chair All this time you've been sitting on sidelines without consistent effort Well go away I've, I've had enough and don't want this multiplying misery We don't like people telling us what to do … Continue reading Escaping Takes Actual Effort

Yellow Light Seconds

Inadequate, banging through ear speakers I'm nervous and afraid but whatever Stepping carefully dodging traps able to snap without asking, fear smothers voices if no resistance Painful necessary growth, see how disconnected my connections are, I'm juvenile still looking for assistance highly pathetic I get it being a loser stains clouds, minutes, and dreams still … Continue reading Yellow Light Seconds