Ever-Present Help At All Times

Almighty God is our ever-present help in a time of need I forgot to ask, I forgot to call, tried to do everything on my own Was getting overwhelmed, frustrated, irritated, entirely deflated Pride hides in many costumes, full of arrogance and air, balloon After my rage, I realized I never asked my Lord and … Continue reading Ever-Present Help At All Times

Acclaim For Him

Mute the phone's ringer, busy being a private singer, lifting my heart's load behind closed doors. Praising Jesus for another day and night, strength to be humble and fight, his word my delight. Negativity chased out open windows, hope invited I'm tickled like shy exposed toes, when we remember we're friends, not foes. / He … Continue reading Acclaim For Him

Renovation My Beloved

Unseen, unheard, answered prayers. Gifts when I felt, feel, orphaned. I'm not used to the still raw power of God's promises. I glance back and see the truth. Love, compassion, mercy, and grace displayed consistently. + In my massive pile of deficiencies long-suffering grace and tender mercy is given to me, I should thank God … Continue reading Renovation My Beloved