Path In Gold Country

Maybe I'll walk with you, take a break To remember where I've crawled from There were bitter moments, frozen hours Fear of life more scary than turning in my body So maybe I'll walk with you, somewhere peaceful Refusing pessimistic calls. Middle path, in-between, rivers of unpredictability Look sometimes smiles break down, emotions skin Deeper … Continue reading Path In Gold Country

Smear Campaign After Breaking

Tell everyone I said awful things to you. Whatever it takes to hide the truth. All. All is my fault. Expose my mistakes, keeping yours covered. She'll tell everyone she knows I'm a bitter bastard bitch. Years together and I've never been good. Whatever it takes to date denial. Y'all marry, go hang out hand … Continue reading Smear Campaign After Breaking

Downpour Days Radar

Without a path away from mental clutter, darkened skies reign Impressed and shocked in moments loneliness is revealed, assigning importance is work Wish to stay where I am but I know this cycle isn't any good, unknowns haunt uncertain footsteps away Maybe a few cold glasses of water and a blunt in solitude will aid … Continue reading Downpour Days Radar

Garbage Post: Unsatisfactory Light Source

Dark like promises for submission in a free range prison after rolling over accepting conclusions see the worst give birth during confusion allowing any type of intrusion First they'll make us pay, discount it to pull more astray, finally give it for free so you'll feel included paper dressed ink excluded yeah you're drinking unfortunately … Continue reading Garbage Post: Unsatisfactory Light Source

Held Hands In Heavy Rain

Don't ask me to wait Drop dead weight and hurry Choose your destination Unpleased procrastination Candle lives lost tossed away Sky wonders ignoring down to surface Exactly what is this explain our purpose Shouldn't be nervous we're safe But waiting isn't acceptable I've been holding back Regarding building character are you another barrier Timeline living … Continue reading Held Hands In Heavy Rain

Waiting Area For Demons

Told to slow down and watch my feet Demons waiting room holy book magazine Crossed legs waiting for my surrender Bets I'll never win therefore an everlasting winter Dying in the dark reaching out finding razor wire Impatient I'll end this when I'm ready Worthless wisdom teeth pains awfully steady At least someone will show … Continue reading Waiting Area For Demons