Ignoring Keys Confession

Ignoring keys and success Pretending I'm doing best Things will never change Editing slaps to thinking Maybe I confess I've been ignoring keys to success. / It's all your fault I rather sleep in Worn down by myself Convenient to rest Ignoring pain my chest Keys dropped on purpose Sunglasses worn against bright light bulbs … Continue reading Ignoring Keys Confession

Me Through Run

Run through me Stay within Introduce life to me again. / Change perspective Break me complete and gentle Open closed roads in thought processes. / In my own power, I can change it all Will I penetrate, penetrate excuse wall Perspective changes, fertilizer fueled From maybe, I guess, to I'm interested, gotta know more In … Continue reading Me Through Run

“A Poet’s Safe”

Paper you love me for me Keeping track of my words Never pointing out my mistakes Although I wish you would All the poems and suicide letters trapped in time After my death may you remain Changing how someone sees the corner of rain Blank page hear my whispered secrets Contain my feelings for those … Continue reading “A Poet’s Safe”