Papers Of Raw Material

Subconscious paper? You still don't understand? I write raw thoughts here then later inside expand. Worried about my scrap sheet. Worried about my work even if the answer is right. She whispers, goddamn him. I whisper, goddamn her. Until I figured out what my window looks like, snowglobe of emotion. Saved by my paper, saved … Continue reading Papers Of Raw Material

Scissors For Getting Through

Almost gave all of my mysteries to a non-believer Receiver functional however recipient finished I always turn into the worst when I'm sincere, stopping eggshells Agreeable done with being used, mentally challenged and bruised, I chase never perused status Repeating my selections without inspections leads to regret with demons laughing Gasping for happiness among hater … Continue reading Scissors For Getting Through

Western Leaves Leave In Haste Bringing Fresh Rain

Western winds call me away from deteriorating performances Already out so I don't feel guilty looking around for a new sunrise Taught a lesson with a heart upon rusted spikes pretending to be my pillow Flakes falling in a western wind encouraging a total wipe of everything I hold tight Preparing transition into solitary shoreline … Continue reading Western Leaves Leave In Haste Bringing Fresh Rain