Checkbox Clipboard

Checking off every alarming box until I see the truth Cannot ask for help because beginnings and endings are experienced by self Want to return to childhood when running around in circles felt fun Now I'm choking on stale air wondering why my tender feet burn after eight hours Too tired to appreciate sweet smelling … Continue reading Checkbox Clipboard

Saxophone Accompaniment

Humming closing in so balance is almost here. Whispers are cute but I'm ready for direct communication. Already know how interest has been among our laughs. I want to become yours and taste these kisses at last. Highly sexual and loving too I'm now convinced we will go far. Masturbated with you as the star … Continue reading Saxophone Accompaniment

Papers Of Raw Material

Subconscious paper? You still don't understand? I write raw thoughts here then later inside expand. Worried about my scrap sheet. Worried about my work even if the answer is right. She whispers, goddamn him. I whisper, goddamn her. Until I figured out what my window looks like, snowglobe of emotion. Saved by my paper, saved … Continue reading Papers Of Raw Material

Scissors For Getting Through

Almost gave all of my mysteries to a non-believer Receiver functional however recipient finished I always turn into the worst when I'm sincere, stopping eggshells Agreeable done with being used, mentally challenged and bruised, I chase never perused status Repeating my selections without inspections leads to regret with demons laughing Gasping for happiness among hater … Continue reading Scissors For Getting Through