Poetry: Can We Talk Judy?

Gonna burn well, I'm sure you're excited Willing to ask the universe questions, unfortunately not invited I'll settle into my personal pit, regret and torment forever That's how love works when you can get your shit together Honey I've prayed in nice churches, honey I've cried at many altars while searching for purpose Almost cut … Continue reading Poetry: Can We Talk Judy?

Poem: Spilled Feelings On Her Poem

Hiding behind wet paper, cut it out, tell me what you want I'm a simple man it's true, not in intelligence but in what I desire from you Easy when empathy reigns, golden rule blood flows internally leaving stains Time is shorter than my height, ask away or I may leave without any warning in … Continue reading Poem: Spilled Feelings On Her Poem

Chambers Of Suicidal Lust

They say, he, he dreams of fucking a gun Writes like him and death violently eat lunch, chewing while teeth fall out Surely, he's trying to influence screams, suicidal darkness dreams, glamorizing As if it's pretty _ hating one's self always shitty _ never good enough Tell him it's not cool _ he is without … Continue reading Chambers Of Suicidal Lust