File Away Carolina Dreams

To the archive with important notes Never seen or whispered from the throat Concealed like punishment under the coat Distance die trying intense jump past the moat How can you know me when I stash relevant quotes Humanity stay trying to drown those with boats Why is he negative why is murder he wrote Hope underneath the … Continue reading File Away Carolina Dreams

“Disassemble These Chains”

Disassemble these chains and let me breathe Remove these cords from my dreams Allow my sleep to become sweet Being poor torments my sleep Dodging notices and threats Incarceration for our rope burned necks Praying above no answers given Your god doesn’t care about the overridden How can I look into your eyes Unable to … Continue reading “Disassemble These Chains”

“Bottom Corners”

Down in the basement wrapped in darkness isolated Rocking back and forth unable to move surrounded Shadows and events some real others imagined Battling conversations and some of them never happened Wanting to reach out for daylight prevented by fear The worse attack received is being forced to look into a mirror   Beating self … Continue reading “Bottom Corners”