Magic Eraser Evening

Underneath a steaming collar hide my expectations so if they fail happy boat abandonment can be private you had me excited flames ignited then snow came, My shoulders weakened heart rate elevated shrieking into a pillow got me again should have seen it coming now it's time for me to reply it's okay ain't this … Continue reading Magic Eraser Evening

Scissors For Getting Through

Almost gave all of my mysteries to a non-believer Receiver functional however recipient finished I always turn into the worst when I'm sincere, stopping eggshells Agreeable done with being used, mentally challenged and bruised, I chase never perused status Repeating my selections without inspections leads to regret with demons laughing Gasping for happiness among hater … Continue reading Scissors For Getting Through

Image Of Waste

Photo: Dark Forest by Charles Rondeau Think about what you are saying I saw you in my dreams Pushing me away A common theme lately it seems Our growth ceased Familiar trees dying before us Feelings and previews Upcoming disappontments Utter failure lurking patiently around dark corners Or maybe it is just a dream Maybe it … Continue reading Image Of Waste