Morning Drink Before Disappearing

Bad night into a worse morningAccording to wrong guesses I growHow about a broken phone freshly thrownNow you don't have to worry about my feeble mindAware my understanding always failsReaching out to other humans locks up my heart no stranger to jailSlurred speech selectively slung staining stairsA mess just like my programming says I amAfter … Continue reading Morning Drink Before Disappearing

Sea Boundary

An unconquered sea. Terrifying unknown demanding classification and immediate attention. Where whispers find homes and strengthen qualifications, maybe lowered volumes and darkened rooms will bring a sturdy all-purpose light aiding in discovery. Only way to learn is learning it all yeah even in the darkest spaces ignored full of neglect spiders in webs. Scary from … Continue reading Sea Boundary

Yellow Light Seconds

Inadequate, banging through ear speakers I'm nervous and afraid but whatever Stepping carefully dodging traps able to snap without asking, fear smothers voices if no resistance Painful necessary growth, see how disconnected my connections are, I'm juvenile still looking for assistance highly pathetic I get it being a loser stains clouds, minutes, and dreams still … Continue reading Yellow Light Seconds

Held Hands In Heavy Rain

Don't ask me to wait Drop dead weight and hurry Choose your destination Unpleased procrastination Candle lives lost tossed away Sky wonders ignoring down to surface Exactly what is this explain our purpose Shouldn't be nervous we're safe But waiting isn't acceptable I've been holding back Regarding building character are you another barrier Timeline living … Continue reading Held Hands In Heavy Rain

Paperwork Issue Issued

Dropped off without paperwork Figuring out how abandoned life works While liars twist sunlight into piercing fog Thought I had everything lined up correctly no Holy beings gambling on when I'll slit my throat Welcome to paradise Ice hot coals burning frozen heat no light Surrounded by enemies Possessing vessels effortlessly No resistance Instances of … Continue reading Paperwork Issue Issued

Silly Syrup Of Existence

A possibility Many lines and we just happen to be these versions here. Variable life definition detention Inserted into possible positions Placed where needed Negative or positive purpose greeted A possibility To someone Calculating freedom Many code lines to go until be proper focus returns. - Recharge how you want to Please don't ask what … Continue reading Silly Syrup Of Existence

Hiding Trash In Lockers

I've been hiding in Fear Regrets Blame Anger Trusting emotions a little too much Or do they just reveal glimpses of the hidden underneath Stuck in self medication Next move clear but I stay waiting I've been hiding in procrastination I've been hiding so long Outside of my cell unfamiliar So I've been hiding in … Continue reading Hiding Trash In Lockers