Prayer In Poetry Breaks

Lights out bedtime calculations with sad tone questions fear examinations am I hard-headed testing salvation God's long-suffering gracious patience I grind my teeth I eat all I can eat but feel cut Yeah so here I am again feeling lost among greater believers mister build on sand without a foolproof plan a true king of … Continue reading Prayer In Poetry Breaks

Blood On Pillow

Countdown until keeping wide bright eyes shut is preferred, Headaches mount with saddles secured with spikes underneath grinding teeth tightening fists, Twelve hours of sleep calling as injuries sing louder in a soulful chorus uncertain hymns, Be thankful for what you have, for anything or person entrusted to you. Blood on my pillow as time, … Continue reading Blood On Pillow

System Map Experts

Carefully compiled table of contents, all good intentions with opportunities for improvement, Loved portions and segments I prefer to hide, drawn to light, kite, given to the sky out in the open. / Can't look away at all don't want to stray, could be caught in power lines, shocked, When I choose to look at … Continue reading System Map Experts