Staying In The Stands Is Boring

I'm always asking for help and gifts, what can I do for you? For you. My bubble has become a nuisance, my comfort zone is stale. It's too comfortable on the sidelines and yet it feels like jail. God, I've been chasing safe and cozy at all costs. I think I've missed opportunities, yeah I … Continue reading Staying In The Stands Is Boring

U Turn You Turn

I hope we're not driving Asking God for directions Ignoring mile markers Lighted exit signs passed over Rest areas avoided Falling asleep Instead of paying attention. * Sometimes I think we're out of gas Swerving without reason about to crash Simply driving eyes closed hands on the dash Sleeping with heavy feet speeding too fast. … Continue reading U Turn You Turn

Renovation My Beloved

Unseen, unheard, answered prayers. Gifts when I felt, feel, orphaned. I'm not used to the still raw power of God's promises. I glance back and see the truth. Love, compassion, mercy, and grace displayed consistently. + In my massive pile of deficiencies long-suffering grace and tender mercy is given to me, I should thank God … Continue reading Renovation My Beloved

Edmond Martha

A Martha man Worried and upset about many things Seeking control, it doesn't belong to me, I'll be fine if I can organize every second Secure if I can control everything in my life, Shadows, rain, death, pain, unforeseen weather, variables attack together And God, some days I'm expecting your signature on an itinerary delivered … Continue reading Edmond Martha