Garbage Post: Manky

Pressure behind my lowered eyes as sadness breaks free Hiding behind flimsy wooden doors from a painful and scary truth I am not worthy these days Who knows how long I can fight myself And hiding in bathrooms and closets to cry is annoying Who am I fooling? - Thoughts, Some designed to hold me … Continue reading Garbage Post: Manky

Garbage Post: An Angry Eye

Once close, space has gathered and I feel it becoming normal. And I always wonder if I'm not acceptable anymore. Conversations just out of reach effectively taunt me until I surrender to sleep. Worst cries are when I realize silence is better than speaking. Survival, solo revival, whenever I complain there's something stirring within. - … Continue reading Garbage Post: An Angry Eye

Garbage Post: Poem: Skipping Notes

Eager to reach out without hesitation of course in written form planting seeds for harvest power harnessed until I came to senses rearmed internal defenses against intruders meaning the idea of you. Flattery will get the invitation while intelligence and kindness get longevity finally understanding dependability outstanding in demanding times we'll do whatever it takes … Continue reading Garbage Post: Poem: Skipping Notes

Garbage post 23654

Another bad day and thoughts are heavily armed and armor platedSinister images uploaded integratedI try to recover sadly input won’t cease for me to handle itFile operations causing my mind to search for  crawl slow freezeSad days come like blankets of fire over the perceptionExpectations calculate until failure only to start againI’ll try something new … Continue reading Garbage post 23654