3 Frail

Face of confusion, unpredictable, highly risky, I don't want to disappoint you, cannot shift my positions to join, become a mirror. Unwise winds, hazardous to long-term efforts, threaten with rancid advice become a coward, for fleeting matters but each will clean their own waste. / Sharpened pencil point, it's written we'll have our bills to … Continue reading 3 Frail


Blurry bitter picture I refuse, still, slow untrusting feet shuffle forward, Because hiding doesn't make sense all waits ahead, God, I don't trust enough, What has been done to me? Why is fear a celebrated source of information? Voice cracking lies popping in sensitive ears, Then I lay in bed telling myself unbelief will have … Continue reading Safeguards

Sweater We Love

Racing to our own dead end walls I'm lonely so like take me with you At least we'll feel alive before it all Breaks revealing tender hopes holding every part of us together Racing to death like okay I think I've seen enough of this cruel life Don't leave and don't betray We can double … Continue reading Sweater We Love