Ever-Present Help At All Times

Almighty God is our ever-present help in a time of need I forgot to ask, I forgot to call, tried to do everything on my own Was getting overwhelmed, frustrated, irritated, entirely deflated Pride hides in many costumes, full of arrogance and air, balloon After my rage, I realized I never asked my Lord and … Continue reading Ever-Present Help At All Times

James 4:9

Gotta turn my laughter into mourning, thinking about the things I do. Mourning isn't a disaster, as long as I don't stay there. Seriously, pondering my footsteps, counting the pains in my chest. My life is a vapor, yet it feels forever until it's not. Importance, where? Wasted time on worldly cares. Focus, where? Wasted … Continue reading James 4:9

Tasting Grace Band

Break out and run, boldly come, to his throne of grace in Jesus' name at once I stood back, terrified and shaking, tallying my goodness and found myself lacking, peeking around the corner Holy Spirit on time voice uplifting saying come right in, you are more than welcomed friend. / Don't be scared, Jesus paid … Continue reading Tasting Grace Band