Tasting Grace Band

Break out and run, boldly come, to his throne of grace in Jesus' name at once I stood back, terrified and shaking, tallying my goodness and found myself lacking, peeking around the corner Holy Spirit on time voice uplifting saying come right in, you are more than welcomed friend. / Don't be scared, Jesus paid … Continue reading Tasting Grace Band

Emergency At The Lighthouse

Searching for pure light In shady alleyways Out of place Places unsafe Bandage after bandage Empty boxes extravagant labels Sensual exits into confusion Leading to ruin. Tumbling summersaults vault only to bend my wrists then drop defective parts or operator error? Map offline sensors blind empty finding nothing I find this horrifying friend I can't … Continue reading Emergency At The Lighthouse

Hebrews 10:39

Out of weakness made strong, Don't let any fingers slip, my faith wilt or drift. I've been thirsty, unsatisfied, looking for purpose, Stomp my foolish laughter, quiet my loud talk, Promote humbleness yea respect before you God. I need to be in your wonderful presence, without you Jesus, I'd be so lost. They say, boy, … Continue reading Hebrews 10:39

Blackout Curtain Questions

When I felt alone, fake comfort would call, Wrapped in a cigar, inside a bottle, Served on a plate, programming through eyes, Never any answers, just ways to lose time without productive thoughts. / I'd say I'm scared and don't trust you care, I'm being immature but oh well I'm very scared, Hope won't stick … Continue reading Blackout Curtain Questions