Keychain In Question

Seen a ghost across from a pretty distraction It makes sense, attraction then bad reactions it always happens before a breakthrough Weak point, this love, dragging weak minds underneath for thrashing Upgrade because now you know worth and deserve an ultra lover perk Working life without being an actual zombie among zombies Not dissing because … Continue reading Keychain In Question

Small Steps To Bliss

Don't let go that's all I ask You don't have to look back Promising me the future isn't necessary Just allow me right now Ahead of the rest We should turn somewhere else Away from the crowds and drama Somewhere I can offer my presence You know this is real Fear should just be peeled … Continue reading Small Steps To Bliss

“Rushing Running”

Instead of chasing down and yelling that I want company I should just smile and be friendly and carry on Forcing connections is ignorant sad and pathetic starting today I’ll just be me and happy When I go overboard clinging to arms they run away fast causing me to fall on the ground My emotions … Continue reading “Rushing Running”