Flaws And All Audio

Relationships cause me to marvel at humanity. How we can go from complete strangers to acquaintances to friends to best friends to one flesh. Exposing our inner worlds to someone who was just a stranger "seconds" ago. Now they live in our heads, possibly forever. Billboards, posters, advertisements, trailers of the future, flashbacks of the … Continue reading Flaws And All Audio

Lost My Shit

We are water Fitting into cylinders Easy Transfer easily Cooler Heated Maybe I'll change suddenly Never know Supposedly Unstable No I see Sometimes I forget Battle not against flesh Behind this programing Gatekeepers keep up Deception Stir all up Emotional Emotions are saddles Being ridden Off conclusion cliff Finally understood Lost my mind my shit. … Continue reading Lost My Shit

Hiding Trash In Lockers

I've been hiding in Fear Regrets Blame Anger Trusting emotions a little too much Or do they just reveal glimpses of the hidden underneath Stuck in self medication Next move clear but I stay waiting I've been hiding in procrastination I've been hiding so long Outside of my cell unfamiliar So I've been hiding in … Continue reading Hiding Trash In Lockers

“Bottom Corners”

Down in the basement wrapped in darkness isolated Rocking back and forth unable to move surrounded Shadows and events some real others imagined Battling conversations and some of them never happened Wanting to reach out for daylight prevented by fear The worse attack received is being forced to look into a mirror   Beating self … Continue reading “Bottom Corners”