Why Continue To Walk?

We didn't make it Ground beneath us disappeared Shaking in fear why run faster We might as well stay here Hours of hope Wasted time Praying to air To save our minds Finding out everyone likes to lie Scary times Scary lives Horrified waiting for our turn to die Learned helplessness why even try Are … Continue reading Why Continue To Walk?

One Night Stand Fallen

The darkest night threatens to overtake day's light. It comes onto the heart and drains inspiration. Regardless of intelligence it inflicts damage crippling positive movement. Tears become thick trails of regrets, Sadness fornicates with negativity and suddenly sight dims. Gasps for air become harder, Gravity increases internally and externally. Accomplishments deleted or damaged beyond repair, … Continue reading One Night Stand Fallen

“Poor Man’s Question”

Death waits No escaping so why don’t I just run forward Being poor makes the call faster stronger Being poor makes the attraction linger on Instead of waiting for imprisonment due to bill payment abated Do you feel the pressure squeezing The look in the eyes of family members disappointed now Disappointed stuck in the … Continue reading “Poor Man’s Question”