Fire Submission Entry

Running around my yard on fire swear stopping won't help, Dropping and rolling sounds ignorant let me run, Flames won't cease actually they increase, Fight or flight, unbelief, or will I listen? + God, you want everything, I only bring what I think you'll like, You want everything, Especially my faults so you can adjust … Continue reading Fire Submission Entry

Bottle Woman

Ms. Bottle promises downtime, she's half-dressed, vowing juicy solutions to stress. She says, the world is going too fast, isolation and complications punch arms until flattening occurs. She leans in and whispers God has stepped out, voicemails only, claims he doesn't own you, but I'll hold tight tonight. Flicking her hair in a wrist twist, … Continue reading Bottle Woman

Life Workbook

Imagine this relationship Saved, always saved and held Yet untrusted, always suspected Evidence spilling out of folders Trustworthiness documented consistently Only to hear, well I'm not sure Only to hear, prove it more. Going everywhere minus home Listening to everyone except the source Pleading for them to return, hearing them say they rather burn Calling … Continue reading Life Workbook