Garbage Post: Glued Shoes Blues

*I imagined Oasis singing this* Unfaithful, she's in love with sadness Nothing I do can pull her away, she rather stay below Taunting her head with slow songs stuck in bed, face down She says I don't understand, like these cuts on my wrists always existed Honey, dear, stop focusing on what you don't have, … Continue reading Garbage Post: Glued Shoes Blues

Fighting Cans Screaming They Can

Too busy to be connected can't even dial and yeah it's been a while around you, I'm not sure if I should smile our separation does damage something I've never been able to manage, so I dive into stagnant material things that never leave but have excuses sure they are like you, apathetic to my … Continue reading Fighting Cans Screaming They Can

Scrambled Face Down

Don't end face down Without a single reason to turn over Tempting to freeze Lacerations on wrists Swept under currents of I'm tired Lungs filled of fetal position cries Dragging flesh through hoops Awaiting anything but now Liquor easing face down living. / Throwing up everything only to swallow See what's left in inside Swearing … Continue reading Scrambled Face Down