Chapter Five Features Demolition

Hidden header Further down than a footnote Drink with me under heavily used bridges Liquid shots until bullets Are we really stuck in passive aggressive quicksand Completely damned Loved ones hurting more than helping We feel used and tired Both inspired to play in rush hour traffic Fifth time around and we're going to do … Continue reading Chapter Five Features Demolition

About Johnny And Charles

Afterwards, Regret. I should have, Shouldn't have forgotten, yeah always forget. Tomorrow isn't here yet, So why are we all sure it'll come for us? One day the family is all here, One night tears appear after hearing bad news. Can't restart lost time. Can't take anything back. Hopefully we'll be able to forgive ourselves.

Poetry: Can We Talk Judy?

Gonna burn well, I'm sure you're excited Willing to ask the universe questions, unfortunately not invited I'll settle into my personal pit, regret and torment forever That's how love works when you can get your shit together Honey I've prayed in nice churches, honey I've cried at many altars while searching for purpose Almost cut … Continue reading Poetry: Can We Talk Judy?

Our Creation Of Killers

Photo: Cemetery Angel In Graveyard by Alex Borland  - I leave it to you today I'm through eyes twisted Wrong color wrong mind wrong everything it's time Running out of reasons to stay obedient okay Fuck every courtroom no justice freedom went Got into bed with money and corruption was it well spent Hating people is … Continue reading Our Creation Of Killers

File Away Carolina Dreams

To the archive with important notes Never seen or whispered from the throat Concealed like punishment under the coat Distance die trying intense jump past the moat How can you know me when I stash relevant quotes Humanity stay trying to drown those with boats Why is he negative why is murder he wrote Hope underneath the … Continue reading File Away Carolina Dreams