Break-up Prompt

What am I holding on to? Concrete valentine? If I am worthless person, what does this say about my chosen anchors? Dragging me down, air bubbles are hope. If I keep this grip all is lost. Must tell them, must tell them my freedom won't be given away anyone. This isn't working out and no … Continue reading Break-up Prompt

Voicemail When I Call For Backup

We can take over so why are you looking back? Now and tomorrow, don't even have tomorrow anyway. Leaving us with now. Are you going to change? I'm ready to leave you know the risks. Don't need a maid. Need a partner getting paid and yeah it's nice getting laid but on payday I'm violated. … Continue reading Voicemail When I Call For Backup

Thunderstorm Oral Presentation

Pretty like moments touching and smelling her hair I'm relaxed going into new spaces peeling away temporary concerns as I burn greenery to seek pause, applause for meditation containing acclamation in thought. Drifting away, hands connected, unafraid of fog as we navigate treacherous seconds given no promises we're sitting ducks falsely healed by quacks, medicated … Continue reading Thunderstorm Oral Presentation