Coffin Dependency

Vampire situation Constantly draining I've ran out of everything Only empty stares back You've got it so hard Extracting resources When I'm empty I hear Should have earned more for us Won't think and cannot mature Fucking vampires. Gotta break connection Already out of my system Can't do anything for someone doing nothing Oh but … Continue reading Coffin Dependency

“Conformity Popular”

Looking forward, past the sky Prayers hitting ceilings, then dying How long do we hold on? How long do we hold? I know you appreciate our business We need help this instant but stay placed on hold Killed daily for oil and gold Kids dying and parents dead waiting for mercy Different people cast out, … Continue reading “Conformity Popular”

“Truth In Body And Presentation”

You don’t have to be a porn actress to be sexy You don’t have to be Playboy recommended You don’t have to be covered in makeup, I call it fake up baby You don’t have to be without rashes or pimples Fake breasts or asses just keep it simple   I want reality and reality … Continue reading “Truth In Body And Presentation”

“High Ratings”

Keep the ratings high Kill anyone asking why Less thinking means revenues aren't shrinking Change the image when blinking Glamorise being someone else They are unaware of self Don't change that dial Broadcast being different as vile Merge comply walk with us Or else false report unpatriotic Terrorist in the news your screwed Sprinkle crack … Continue reading “High Ratings”