Dandelion Choices

Various bags Exhausted arms Weak grips Sweaty palms Cloudy mind Afraid of time Second guessing Everything on the line Dandelion seed choices I blow them. Crying prayers Doubts breeding fears Useless feet Tear soaked sheets Heart weak Cannot sleep God I believe Help my unbelief Grace and mercy received Crumbled plans Swallowing quicksand Dandelion seed … Continue reading Dandelion Choices

Incorrectly Counting Eggs

Steady, be calm heart and do not become excited. What I'm really looking for isn't in anyone I know. Step back. Look away. Dim lights grown in anticipation. Always a pretty sunrise unaware of a pitch-black night coming in. Chances seem to stay slim, does leaning on certain hopes and anticipation win? No it's quite … Continue reading Incorrectly Counting Eggs