PorchLight Rules

Caressed then dropped, bubbles popped, we had so much, all is lost, I waited for a shadow. Gears shifted in her escape, pretending our love could stand time's bitter taste, I'm ready while she whispers wait, there's something more important than us, an ever-changing gate. Stomped my budding expectation blossoms, ripped my darling devotion pedal … Continue reading PorchLight Rules

Burnt Two To Ways

Our experience brought me to abandoned places sworn off and away. From afar I swore, with confident belief, in future chances of runs considered best of our lives if we stopped running from, I do. Then I listened to you tell me about your next bedroom after mine will earn your submission. Our conversations aren't … Continue reading Burnt Two To Ways

Break-up Prompt

What am I holding on to? Concrete valentine? If I am worthless person, what does this say about my chosen anchors? Dragging me down, air bubbles are hope. If I keep this grip all is lost. Must tell them, must tell them my freedom won't be given away anyone. This isn't working out and no … Continue reading Break-up Prompt