Ruined Polaroid Memories

When I'm lost Will it be important enough Past love is worthless So when you look back Upset tears sliding in regret You can't come back And I won't be here And maybe I'll be thinking of you like this All just guessing this shit, Yeah we're all hoping for a solution to this maze, … Continue reading Ruined Polaroid Memories

Western Leaves Leave In Haste Bringing Fresh Rain

Western winds call me away from deteriorating performances Already out so I don't feel guilty looking around for a new sunrise Taught a lesson with a heart upon rusted spikes pretending to be my pillow Flakes falling in a western wind encouraging a total wipe of everything I hold tight Preparing transition into solitary shoreline … Continue reading Western Leaves Leave In Haste Bringing Fresh Rain

“Weep Exit”

Writing for the air because she’s not hereTrying to buy time when my tears show upIgnoring the lack of her conversationI’m wondering if she even remembers meQuietly I finally weep All the flower petals seem to fall when I walk byAll the children get upset and start to cry I’m sure these are isolated eventsAnd if she … Continue reading “Weep Exit”