Garbage Post: Green Dress Rebecca

Sexiest movements you have are being kind to me with proper gear dive deeper and I love it Exploration allowed behind internal stubborn defenses for instance perfection I cannot reach either Fine tuning perception asking ask follow up on questions adjusting hearing to wonderful unity Dedication and energy show direction I'm preparing for storms instead … Continue reading Garbage Post: Green Dress Rebecca

Poem: Spilled Feelings On Her Poem

Hiding behind wet paper, cut it out, tell me what you want I'm a simple man it's true, not in intelligence but in what I desire from you Easy when empathy reigns, golden rule blood flows internally leaving stains Time is shorter than my height, ask away or I may leave without any warning in … Continue reading Poem: Spilled Feelings On Her Poem

Saxophone Accompaniment

Humming closing in so balance is almost here. Whispers are cute but I'm ready for direct communication. Already know how interest has been among our laughs. I want to become yours and taste these kisses at last. Highly sexual and loving too I'm now convinced we will go far. Masturbated with you as the star … Continue reading Saxophone Accompaniment