Glad deflections among instant messages whisked my attention away we weren't meant to, be anything more than passing lights with temporary opportunities dead before life. I still remember how it felt around you but priorities rule over possibilities and I'd probably be a wrench in gears plus, you're fine without me cozy content in your … Continue reading Nisey

Free Moments She Haunts

Almost impossible to find someone like you Kindly reminding me of changing leaves leading growth to come Surrounded by common bushes but you are a different fragrance I've never experienced Almost like we should be one instead of where we are apart Beautiful personality it always keeps me out to you I'm not even nervous … Continue reading Free Moments She Haunts

Tell Me Over Candlelight And Fingering

Liftoff Flying to her you Waiting on a ride To paradise this evening Giggles on everything She says silly goose Don't go too far Kissing with eyes opened Opened eyes This is where we focus Saying I love at the same time repeat Oh what are you going to write this time Grinding glitter for … Continue reading Tell Me Over Candlelight And Fingering