Free Moments She Haunts

Almost impossible to find someone like you Kindly reminding me of changing leaves leading growth to come Surrounded by common bushes but you are a different fragrance I've never experienced Almost like we should be one instead of where we are apart Beautiful personality it always keeps me out to you I'm not even nervous … Continue reading Free Moments She Haunts

Tell Me Over Candlelight And Fingering

Liftoff Flying to her you Waiting on a ride To paradise this evening Giggles on everything She says silly goose Don't go too far Kissing with eyes opened Opened eyes This is where we focus Saying I love at the same time repeat Oh what are you going to write this time Grinding glitter for … Continue reading Tell Me Over Candlelight And Fingering

Garbage Post: Green Dress Rebecca

Sexiest movements you have are being kind to me with proper gear dive deeper and I love it Exploration allowed behind internal stubborn defenses for instance perfection I cannot reach either Fine tuning perception asking ask follow up on questions adjusting hearing to wonderful unity Dedication and energy show direction I'm preparing for storms instead … Continue reading Garbage Post: Green Dress Rebecca

Poem: Spilled Feelings On Her Poem

Hiding behind wet paper, cut it out, tell me what you want I'm a simple man it's true, not in intelligence but in what I desire from you Easy when empathy reigns, golden rule blood flows internally leaving stains Time is shorter than my height, ask away or I may leave without any warning in … Continue reading Poem: Spilled Feelings On Her Poem