Church Member On The Back Pew

God says, focus on the solution instead of the problem. Drifting mind on a low raft, mighty splashes come to overrun. God tell me how fear has helped me through, not at all you'll say, trust my love always. God tell me what has changed inside of fear, what good has appeared doubting? / Every … Continue reading Church Member On The Back Pew

Fire Submission Entry

Running around my yard on fire swear stopping won't help, Dropping and rolling sounds ignorant let me run, Flames won't cease actually they increase, Fight or flight, unbelief, or will I listen? + God, you want everything, I only bring what I think you'll like, You want everything, Especially my faults so you can adjust … Continue reading Fire Submission Entry

Fighting Cans Screaming They Can

Too busy to be connected can't even dial and yeah it's been a while around you, I'm not sure if I should smile our separation does damage something I've never been able to manage, so I dive into stagnant material things that never leave but have excuses sure they are like you, apathetic to my … Continue reading Fighting Cans Screaming They Can

Dandelion Choices

Various bags Exhausted arms Weak grips Sweaty palms Cloudy mind Afraid of time Second guessing Everything on the line Dandelion seed choices I blow them. Crying prayers Doubts breeding fears Useless feet Tear soaked sheets Heart weak Cannot sleep God I believe Help my unbelief Grace and mercy received Crumbled plans Swallowing quicksand Dandelion seed … Continue reading Dandelion Choices