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Binoculars out, I'm scanning surroundings off and online, Nothing to do with me, this season is about internal cleaning, foundations and meanings and who I think I am. / Dying wants. Clear needs. Separation. Purity. / We don't need flyers, don't need likes or follows, chasing wet paper, words insignificant, emotional points hollow. I thought … Continue reading Subscribe Buttons

Undead Perfume

Pick a side and avoid the crusher Either way you'll lose Illusion of choice perfume Beautiful smell to undead Don't waste time arguing Efforts wasted on locked heads Drain pulling us away for a cleansed Earth New birth New work We'll drive every being extinct but l bye kids In the meantime join these waves … Continue reading Undead Perfume

Small Steps To Bliss

Don't let go that's all I ask You don't have to look back Promising me the future isn't necessary Just allow me right now Ahead of the rest We should turn somewhere else Away from the crowds and drama Somewhere I can offer my presence You know this is real Fear should just be peeled … Continue reading Small Steps To Bliss