Ron’s Running

She wanted him home but he was too busy, obligations, I need room so be patient, he'd say this every other day. Oh you can wait, go out don't worry about washing plates, what's your hurry anyhow? Bed getting colder, dissatisfaction mounting shoulders, excitement passing away. / Praying she asked for forgetfulness, fog over their … Continue reading Ron’s Running

Magic Eraser Evening

Underneath a steaming collar hide my expectations so if they fail happy boat abandonment can be private you had me excited flames ignited then snow came, My shoulders weakened heart rate elevated shrieking into a pillow got me again should have seen it coming now it's time for me to reply it's okay ain't this … Continue reading Magic Eraser Evening

Confirmed Distance Began

Detach Deny recent changes Pebbles meant to discourage long walks Important talks on scratch paper our minds recycle Turn the saddened sickened countenance / You sleep To be held tightly, I'll ask my Savior Tears racing down my face without an announcement Moments meant to pass but I've stared too long, way too long Held … Continue reading Confirmed Distance Began