Burnt Two To Ways

Our experience brought me to abandoned places sworn off and away. From afar I swore, with confident belief, in future chances of runs considered best of our lives if we stopped running from, I do. Then I listened to you tell me about your next bedroom after mine will earn your submission. Our conversations aren't … Continue reading Burnt Two To Ways

First Light Out During A Blackout

Effective enemy inside the ring somehow in every corner including mine feeding misinformation double time and days are dim frustrating fuel efforts Cursed inside and out wanting what I can't have and or who I want lingering uninvited like toxic gas no escape nose pressed against the stubborn glass Disqualified from sunlight unable to find … Continue reading First Light Out During A Blackout

Leaning On Forgotten Statements

Last night was the last time I fall asleep waiting for you I promise. Keeping lines shorter going forward I'm abandoning the little we have left. Friends can't believe it after all the praise and hype we've lost seasoning salt waste. Dizzy because I was plugged in to our dream which apparently was only mine … Continue reading Leaning On Forgotten Statements