Garbage Post: Stoplight On Vista

I want to be more than a side dish after a long day reading your real wish list daydreaming relationships where you wanted hand holding it's flaunted or happily displayed but daydreaming is the greatest story never to reach the page stage fright off stage key in pocket but you love your little cage despite … Continue reading Garbage Post: Stoplight On Vista

It’s Chilly And I Don’t Want Hot Chocolate

When we get serious, I don't have anything to say And there's so much built up, debris Only streaming tears trickle out, then I turn my head and leave It's like I'm holding back, back to what everyone wants to see Who am I, am I really me Definition please, clarification for ease, a little … Continue reading It’s Chilly And I Don’t Want Hot Chocolate

Garbage Post: Tape And Fears

Industrial tape over lips before I ignite fires hotter than imagined imagine being slow to speak and reading James within meditation being a doer and hearer getting clearer understanding godly blessings and proper planning fanning love out praise to God when we shout what's all the yelling about, love Teach me love my Lord teach … Continue reading Garbage Post: Tape And Fears

2 Magnified Points

Expecting perfection from you isn't fair Complex requests and demands cleared I've been weighing you down but didn't know Hands on hips false star of this show Oh I'm sorry and glad it's stopping now Before my lists pulled every day of light down It isn't fair to expect everything good to come from another … Continue reading 2 Magnified Points