Community Separation

Community, How is it so? We have no connection. I will not be fooled into coming around, Where I'm not wanted, Not hated either, it's easily understood, Neutral portrait in a subtle background blending in. Followers? I need companions, Likes? I need a witness, witnesses, Something feels very dry in social updates, Yeah, we're a … Continue reading Community Separation

System Map Experts

Carefully compiled table of contents, all good intentions with opportunities for improvement, Loved portions and segments I prefer to hide, drawn to light, kite, given to the sky out in the open. / Can't look away at all don't want to stray, could be caught in power lines, shocked, When I choose to look at … Continue reading System Map Experts

Subscribe Buttons

Binoculars out, I'm scanning surroundings off and online, Nothing to do with me, this season is about internal cleaning, foundations and meanings and who I think I am. / Dying wants. Clear needs. Separation. Purity. / We don't need flyers, don't need likes or follows, chasing wet paper, words insignificant, emotional points hollow. I thought … Continue reading Subscribe Buttons