Windows And Paneling

View without windows Undecorated walls and me Somehow I've created Solitary confinement without a guilty plea I'm so sorry I seem to be stuck far from free Selfishly living It bites every twenty four hours I see Only Jesus can break my self made chains Because selfishness runs unrestricted through all my veins / I've … Continue reading Windows And Paneling

Apprehending Your Mind

Shouting in the mind Breaking attention grabbing focus Loud illusions abrupt and bold intrusions Dragging our eyes down Disarray puffed up chest out Look over here and never where you are, never where you're going Hoping you'll fall apart at vicious circumstances Tangle your tongue refusing to ask Jesus for help Lie upon adhesive lie … Continue reading Apprehending Your Mind

James 4:9

Gotta turn my laughter into mourning, thinking about the things I do. Mourning isn't a disaster, as long as I don't stay there. Seriously, pondering my footsteps, counting the pains in my chest. My life is a vapor, yet it feels forever until it's not. Importance, where? Wasted time on worldly cares. Focus, where? Wasted … Continue reading James 4:9

Matthew 13:22

I don't want to drown, in a personal cloud Cares of this life, choking the Word of God Fruit inaccessible, distractions appear irrepressible Worry and care, thick smoke in the air Quick to hesitate, time-wasters fill my plate Cares of this life, strangling and he becomes unfruitful. / Sitting in dirt feeling the cold of … Continue reading Matthew 13:22