Sprouting Again

When everyone runs away When everyone says I'm too complicated When they say my words are worthless God, you disagree Always listening, always speaking, loving me. / Even in my isolation I'm not isolated Even in my silent rooms you're speaking Even empty I'm filled with awe for you You never forget my existence, for … Continue reading Sprouting Again

Garbage Post: Get Over Thy Self

They want a finished product but I'm always under construction, analyzing in real-time, spreadsheet PowerPoint testing functions Better than repairs, a new creation, renewing the mind outside the cave of limited human understanding, battling fleshly desires, that black tar Praising God Almighty, praising Jesus Christ, hated because I'm not in love with worldly advice, they … Continue reading Garbage Post: Get Over Thy Self

Clutch Dig

It was notes scribbled on crumpled paper Personal, reaching to where a lonely arm slept Accepted, understood, far from alone Far from any spotlight or megaphone Shaking nervously with fear Finally able to raise a heavy head Not everyone looks away for a different focus It was entry after entry speaking There, you found peace … Continue reading Clutch Dig

Repeating Tuesdays

Groundhog day until I appreciate my surroundings, count blessings, stop murmuring stop complaining, hard to do in doubt should I trust my own understanding although it's a lost route? Been on the road of circles, booby traps, hurdles, speak allegiance with my lips but very nervous, self-sabotage seems to be my favorite purpose, constantly attacked … Continue reading Repeating Tuesdays