Twirling Tangerine

Closed windows in my head Isolation, withdrawal, disconnection Blackout curtains so the outside is uncertain Fumbling thoughts with fickle frosted fingers Thoughts of being damaged linger, implanted splinters in me. * I used to dream but now I silently scream Because I don't want to waste my life waiting to live Still, I'm on the … Continue reading Twirling Tangerine

Sneak Out Of The Party

Delighted to be invited but my feet glided towards the door Too much noise and flashing lights opposite effect of getting me hyped Why am I here? Quietly I'll disappear Pyramids triangles and shambles arranged to disguise our participation in things quite strange This isn't me and here is not where I want to be … Continue reading Sneak Out Of The Party

Garbage Post: Inside Winter Grass

Showing restraint, or being stubborn Reflection, or conversation rejection I'm feeling and guessing vital parts are missing And I won't, don't, or just plain refuse to improve I can do better, indifference says whatever Or is it comfort tucking me into some twisted complacency Please God, please help me. // Show up at the finish … Continue reading Garbage Post: Inside Winter Grass

Drum Of Unbelief

What will it take for you to believe and rest? Exactly what kind of evidence? Hardened walls and frozen heart. Doubting the hand that saves as the world falls apart. * How many more miles? Until you believe? How many signs until you receive? Don't be deceived by the enemies of God Almighty drowning your … Continue reading Drum Of Unbelief