Bus Plane Automobile Or Train

As fake as the smiles we give before going home to cry Oh us, crumbling. Yeah I can find good things to ponder on Stay in and build on, foundation. Listen here, we've been looking for reasons to lean on one another and they're here No reason to stay still in the past I say … Continue reading Bus Plane Automobile Or Train

Smear Campaign After Breaking

Tell everyone I said awful things to you. Whatever it takes to hide the truth. All. All is my fault. Expose my mistakes, keeping yours covered. She'll tell everyone she knows I'm a bitter bastard bitch. Years together and I've never been good. Whatever it takes to date denial. Y'all marry, go hang out hand … Continue reading Smear Campaign After Breaking

Break-up Prompt

What am I holding on to? Concrete valentine? If I am worthless person, what does this say about my chosen anchors? Dragging me down, air bubbles are hope. If I keep this grip all is lost. Must tell them, must tell them my freedom won't be given away anyone. This isn't working out and no … Continue reading Break-up Prompt