Troubled Farmer Way

One last thing Forsake your life preserver One last swing Then retire your fight Leaning on your understanding is futile Casting cares incorrectly upon yourself Has it helped Have you been safe Bitterness In all you taste. / One last thing Ditch your wants Suffering Isn't a celebration Swallowed in thoughts Unaware of your swimming … Continue reading Troubled Farmer Way

Treasure Unseen Treasures

Withdraw Pulling away Steady silence Finally safe Empty full All I asked for was air When I got it It smiled Extended its wings Left me where I needed to be Alone. / Beautiful lack of desire Extinguished wants Requests renounced Expectations trampled / And here we are in a beautiful valley Experiencing different sunrises … Continue reading Treasure Unseen Treasures

Violin Concerto Among Transitions

When can I come too asked, she doesn't see new signs on every changing corner. Settling in, washed down thirsty gutters before our eyes, seamless among gentle rains of opportunities left unattended. Right there, right where we belonged, taking a stand was never her thing. Therefore one was made in her honor, or dishonor, doors … Continue reading Violin Concerto Among Transitions