Unknown Reasons To The Wretch

You love me because you love me Picked me out because you want me Even though I don't want me Can't understand why you chose this flawed man Only in errors am I proficient In foolishness have I earned many doctorates Wasting time appears to be a habit Isolation wraps my selfish mind in false … Continue reading Unknown Reasons To The Wretch

Garbage Post: Disposal 98

Claws to my flaws, Errors annoy me, Personal weaknesses during the daily dance of life. // I, I just want to learn these life lessons, Have unshakable faith and receive all of God's blessings, I don't want to run in circles in my understanding assuming and guessing, Infected wounds unsure how to apply proper dressing … Continue reading Garbage Post: Disposal 98

Moody Frustration

A little moody as frustration kicks my quiet closet door in I'm tired but haven't done any work far, from the beginning Suffering, hoping to recover, the spirit is willing the flesh, cracked rubber Sleep won't command the ship of purpose to shore My weaknesses roar attacking oars I'm floored taking on more Used to … Continue reading Moody Frustration