Erroneous Path Removal

Still silence simply scares when idle, rushing through rest thoughts regarding waiting are messy, armored guards employed via stress, hands fold for the Holy Shepherd to guide me to unwind. Please train me on the way I should go. Affirmations, whisper them in my ear, how I am loved, daily confirmation acknowledged, please kiss my … Continue reading Erroneous Path Removal


Daydream, bouncing elastic featherweight, hope Silly giggles, free smiles, chill without a coat Can't stay still in thick air clouds, sky a whiteboard erased hour by hour, nothing sticks / What could be, mere talk, just an engine running wasting gas, jokes void of purpose with short filled laughs, hope released in the air with … Continue reading Woolgathering

Bullet Point Shreds

Great highlights in a beautiful horizon, big and great I'm smiling when seeing possibilities flirt, sweet teases, but how will I arrive, application I seek it hides Bullet point excitement forgetting in-between, real-life yeah hands-on work direct action focused red beams, God I'm so scattered, lumps in the thick of it you know I feel … Continue reading Bullet Point Shreds

Breakfast And Dinner Kisses

Open doors, God, open windows Tell me how deep this goes I've never been loved like this Never will be matched truly no strings attached Still I wonder if I'll ever understand it You want me completely Slippery slick yeah hard to grasp Kiss my forehead every day and night Open windows open doors your … Continue reading Breakfast And Dinner Kisses