Importance swept away by little strings asking to be pulled Time for chasing dead ends tired when you return Cast away notifications of your name being called Common paths taken without thought or deviation Placing you in with the ordinary or maybe requests are too plenty We expect great things from wrong directions Rewarded with … Continue reading Unmet

Failed Delivery Attempts

Pretty speech Empty actions I stay away From deserted performances Spare tires without air When you need help Or just conversation Exception We all have caused exceptions + When I point my fingers There is always one aimed at me Angry outbursts revealed After thought I see how I've done the same Different crayon Different … Continue reading Failed Delivery Attempts

Summerville School Bus

From the darkness at home To the darkest place I had gone Surrounded by metal gates Sinister descriptions written in poor taste I sung love to escape pain Should have kept it to myself Refrain "Oh this one sings" Oh this one sings alone Face against the window, looking for a different home. - Told … Continue reading Summerville School Bus

Garbage Post: Line Through Red

Last entry you read Wanting yet scared Thick uncertainty Sadness inked in woe me You were far from the shore Detection off I couldn't feel you anymore Sent a search party through typed words Looked up high but you weren't with the birds Looked low you weren't with our flowers Found myself left out spoiling … Continue reading Garbage Post: Line Through Red