Tonight Tomorrow Regarding Dating

*I like to imagine "Billy" Corgan singing this in his "Melancholy" era voice* Here when it arrives Don't be sad They'll get out of your system in a little while Memories fade, drained No longer feeling the same Time apart peels paint Distance scratches hope away Labels crack tumbling ashamed Getting clean to stand alone … Continue reading Tonight Tomorrow Regarding Dating

Various Whispers & Teachings Of The Deceiver

The enemy taught you well And you believed Without a single question, no rebuke When did you start believing, you are a mistake? - They had me Got me good I was a child They were up to no good in every neighborhood I entered Spit on me Sang I was ugly Wasting their space … Continue reading Various Whispers & Teachings Of The Deceiver

Eliminating Stained Bandages

My silence has spoken closing doors I left open hoping you'd follow me. I was mistaken rules aren't made to be broken especially when trespassing leaves me weak. I pray in poetry pray in thick tears those who need cleansing hear. For we are the same almost fully depleted from shame finally purifying and coming … Continue reading Eliminating Stained Bandages

An Empty Rose Bush

Fear of wilderness Not an actual place, unforgiving mist smothering a sad face Without direction or any gifts Smothered in confusion lights off Hard truths, weak, rose flower pedal soft Cut off from any good things formerly understood, unraveled Slaughtered at the judgement seat without wisdom or mercy to eat Being hated by humans is … Continue reading An Empty Rose Bush