Sifting Shaking

Unexpected deficits tame heightened cravings Scarcity keeps feet stable and mind centered Thought I needed more of what I want but after stretched time A dried riverbed became an examination tour Needs perished furthermore thought refinement soared / Detachment Quenches the thirst, After a short season of suffering Revealed worth glitters highlighted in sharpened intensity. … Continue reading Sifting Shaking

Version Number Comparison

Version comparison Who was I five minutes ago? Was it good enough? / She asks if I'm okay like I'm always moody but honey I'm not thinking about you Constantly checking my check engine light Jesus, is everything running right? / Am I where I should be doing what I should be doing? Looking above … Continue reading Version Number Comparison

Sprouting Again

When everyone runs away When everyone says I'm too complicated When they say my words are worthless God, you disagree Always listening, always speaking, loving me. / Even in my isolation I'm not isolated Even in my silent rooms you're speaking Even empty I'm filled with awe for you You never forget my existence, for … Continue reading Sprouting Again