1 Pillow Down

An empty bed, empty living room, empty house, walking circles until I settle down. Plenty of calls can be made but no hands to hold, even in Summer it gets frigid so cold. Snap, out of left and right ear whispers, I don't need disturbances, swings, embarrassing misses, misleading messages pave fading kisses. * 1 … Continue reading 1 Pillow Down

Vanish Vase

Deceased flowers Beautiful eventful moments until extinction Slowly perishing before devastated eyes I minded, I strived, loved enormously, heart delicate Still Nothing convinced beautiful pedals to flourish. Cement emotions Weighted down thinking I've been too sensitive These pedals vanish leaving an empty glass vase Specially appointed for this occasion Still Tremendous beauty and wonder now … Continue reading Vanish Vase

Behold Separation Weeds

Pure dreams of more of you, Canned love, storing and making more, You make me wait, or perhaps you're just a fleeting guide. I imagine marriage, we have plans and yet, My weary fingers are broken, can't count on anything during this mess, Can I be setting myself up for a loss greater than I've … Continue reading Behold Separation Weeds