Encounter Plus Crisp

Fresh shower feel Midday rain with windows open Expectations unexpected today + Seek And you shall find Seek Sit on the throne of my mind Encounter plus lasting impressions Encounter plus cleansed thoughts + I'm not an abandoned love drying out Opposite of an abandoned flower Overflowing care wrapping my heart Hearing your voice is … Continue reading Encounter Plus Crisp

Underwater Earthquakes

Had my head meeting with hammers after throwing my compass away. Swerved without thought, adding more fault, rubbing wounds crashing with pain. Couldn't see God's care. Whispers from demons masquerading voices pitching in pitch black pitch. Depression, standing as if victory promised, withstood if not totally defeated. I see through. Darkness dripped from every ceiling … Continue reading Underwater Earthquakes

Flesh Radio: Daily Programming

Debris blocking clear sight And I hear sparks, crackles, a station filled with foolishness Can I experience now with full purity Balance beam perfection goals against butter basted toes, God, I slip My attention a roller coaster without safety bars, faulty bumper cars Father, in my weaknesses, pride dies So I pray to see like … Continue reading Flesh Radio: Daily Programming