Garbage Post: After The Empty Shell

After the exit of the spirit It'll be too late for kind words True feelings hid will remain hidden After the empty shell only remains, Don't you dare hold back, hate fear Death is final, microphone off in our ears So say what you want and need now Before our signals fade out. + What … Continue reading Garbage Post: After The Empty Shell

Roadside Winter Summerville

Coming up short Just missing every finish line Traveling courses haphazardly And I'm afraid of Wrecking on a lone stretch of road during a blizzard Cold gaining momentum Every inch of thought frozen in my head Cut off from everyone Almost there A little short. // Efforts freezing in place Prayers held during turmoil words … Continue reading Roadside Winter Summerville

Scrolling Down Events

Cooperation, we're here together today Regardless of others and their directions, my dedication belongs to you and with you love Easy to say, always time to prove it, action packed choices lay before us In this together. * Serving, helping, hugging, knowing we're one We're here together Hands united regardless of the forecasts will our … Continue reading Scrolling Down Events