Yellow Light Seconds

Inadequate, banging through ear speakers I'm nervous and afraid but whatever Stepping carefully dodging traps able to snap without asking, fear smothers voices if no resistance Painful necessary growth, see how disconnected my connections are, I'm juvenile still looking for assistance highly pathetic I get it being a loser stains clouds, minutes, and dreams still … Continue reading Yellow Light Seconds

Morning Commute

Biscuit Orange juice then ride Early morning bullshit To stay alive Feeling half asleep One eye sneaking down Until I remember where I'm heading out Her place Her eyes waiting Her interactions Her satisfaction Her just her The man she left was unaware Women have hearts and just don't bare Show to anyone While he … Continue reading Morning Commute

Writing Lovers Love

The, spotlight hunts. We, don't want to be found. Just enough to let me live my life and write. Don't forget your fellow writers when appearing on Entertainment Tonight. Beautiful words Creating Imaginary Plenty of room To read everything you see Curling up with literature and weed Even without smoke the brain feels good. Reading, … Continue reading Writing Lovers Love

Garbage Post 4522901

I would appear but it is clear that I'm disconnected Every one knows but still I am too ashamed to be exposed People dodging me because I walk on the tips of my toes But I only make it worse with my solutions So maybe staying high only adds to the confusion Getting myself together … Continue reading Garbage Post 4522901