Cold Harp Plays Farewell

Photo: Cherub With Harp by Kim Newberg Days we pass unaware Pretending we don't care of the count Count of wasted moments so much waste we should be ashamed None selected to be saved in premium frames To be remembered when depression comes over for a visit You forgot who am and what I look like … Continue reading Cold Harp Plays Farewell

Writing Lovers Love

The, spotlight hunts. We, don't want to be found. Just enough to let me live my life and write. Don't forget your fellow writers when appearing on Entertainment Tonight. Beautiful words Creating Imaginary Plenty of room To read everything you see Curling up with literature and weed Even without smoke the brain feels good. Reading, … Continue reading Writing Lovers Love

“A Far Sign”

Good moments But if I could I'd give them back Our connection expired Clueless I continued communicating Words and emotions dropped To a destination empty I wanted to hold on to our connection The rules changed somehow We are severed There never was you and I The way I imagined we would fly Pretty words … Continue reading “A Far Sign”