Garbage Post: Grip Assured

Limited understanding with short sight Still I look and search for something familiar Landmark with a grip although new places call Trusting but scared of mediocrity until my tour of duty ends Making coffee without coffee, yeah, drinking tea without tea Hearing without action, prayers without belief Say you haven't forgotten my cries Your words … Continue reading Garbage Post: Grip Assured

Garbage Post: Sunlight Smothers Secrets

I'll pray to forget you Smother how I've felt Put it out, See I I'm ready to put you above all Cancel anyone else no matter how and who calls You can't say the same although you do I'm tired of explaining why it's not right how you aren't living the truth. / I hate … Continue reading Garbage Post: Sunlight Smothers Secrets

Garbage Post: Shadows Swear

Shadows swear important answers are hidden in forfeit, sorrow mixed with dissatisfaction stunting positive actions, fog of emotions eliminating traction, look away from above guess what happens, lured away to active traps, weakness exposed after a nap, perhaps I should focus on trust instead of attempts, mentally I agree it makes sense, still foolishness trespasses … Continue reading Garbage Post: Shadows Swear

Garbage Post: Example 22

Fall back Where am I Two closed eyes Closed ears Stop every clock while reconfiguring who I am, yeah how I fit, skipping tracks, dull lights, empty days, bland nights, God Almighty will I ever defeat mirror eyes, enemies flaming arrows dressed as thoughts, corrosive lies ties buyer's remorse when I purchase doubt, what is … Continue reading Garbage Post: Example 22

Garbage Post: Marble Down

Sunglasses at all times, never see disappointment or regret, pondering tomorrow but today isn't through yet, why gamble all is random, wasted bets stupid anthems / I'm coming home refreshing refresh rates, cleaning mental dishes carefully considering my thought plate, late night assessments they cannot wait, pattern seeker, I. N. F. J scientist engaged with … Continue reading Garbage Post: Marble Down