Garbage Post: Headache So Any Relief

Your headache Pestering while slowing progress Hands up and stress too tired to escape Blocking sight and chocking focus Bear hug until defeat Air thick suffocation Separation Metal shoes feet firmly on neck No respect adding incurring debt Leading astray gleefully Can't get over self. // Whispering gently running the daily wheel is this real … Continue reading Garbage Post: Headache So Any Relief

Garbage Post: 0045

I'd want to be the one called impossible, personally escorted upwards because of my dedication Best friend and more loyalty clinic finished with self onto higher classes unmasked and undefeated when it counted, pure An example given for willpower hardened hours of battle multiplied by technique destroyer of weak powerful foes impaling elbows Word or … Continue reading Garbage Post: 0045

Garbage Post: Snooze Seats

Standing somewhere you don't want to be? Simply call over, I'll get free. To ride with a sparkler and talk. While we drive away from start. Sleeping somewhere you don't want to sleep? Call me over and we'll be discreet. Cuddling up, in this hotel on a quiet street. Snoring so loud, peace. I understand … Continue reading Garbage Post: Snooze Seats

Garbage Post: Unsatisfactory Light Source

Dark like promises for submission in a free range prison after rolling over accepting conclusions see the worst give birth during confusion allowing any type of intrusion First they'll make us pay, discount it to pull more astray, finally give it for free so you'll feel included paper dressed ink excluded yeah you're drinking unfortunately … Continue reading Garbage Post: Unsatisfactory Light Source

Garbage Post: Brown Pillow

Brown pants going into autumn leaves matching patterns including mental incentive inspiring loose mastery sounds impossible if you're a master onto another leaf covered sidewalk. Kept under her pillows for safety, writings containing flattery, charged vibrator batteries, a day off filled love, chasing desire strange fires around you creating maybe type thoughts, locked secretly, vault. … Continue reading Garbage Post: Brown Pillow

Garbage Post: Thrones

Terrified sweat, you could have done better dare not ask where, dodging rebukes, I've wasted time don't rub it in sore eyes Shadows of our parents trying, some better than others however all subject to flaws and fathers as well if you cannot tell Promises for taking yolks with easy burdens so incorrect running into … Continue reading Garbage Post: Thrones