Image Of Waste

Photo: Dark Forest by Charles Rondeau Think about what you are saying I saw you in my dreams Pushing me away A common theme lately it seems Our growth ceased Familiar trees dying before us Feelings and previews Upcoming disappontments Utter failure lurking patiently around dark corners Or maybe it is just a dream Maybe it … Continue reading Image Of Waste

One Night Stand Fallen

The darkest night threatens to overtake day's light. It comes onto the heart and drains inspiration. Regardless of intelligence it inflicts damage crippling positive movement. Tears become thick trails of regrets, Sadness fornicates with negativity and suddenly sight dims. Gasps for air become harder, Gravity increases internally and externally. Accomplishments deleted or damaged beyond repair, … Continue reading One Night Stand Fallen

“Neck High”

Staying down under these waters is attractive Especially when I’m tired of fighting to swim I’ve shed all the skins that others wanted, to remove myself farther from them As I accept the temperature of the cage I’m captured in, lights start to dim People think I’m cruel and arrogant but I’m thinking within It … Continue reading “Neck High”