Tin Foil Feet

I'll wait I'll wait I'll wait until it's too late. / I'll promise I'll promise I'll promise then forget. // Perfection, wanted, please But I don't want the work I'll wait, I'll promise Wishing on dead decaying stars Illusions of golden spoons setting us apart. // Sleepwalking drunk I'll blame something else Blame someone else … Continue reading Tin Foil Feet

Coffin Dependency

Vampire situation Constantly draining I've ran out of everything Only empty stares back You've got it so hard Extracting resources When I'm empty I hear Should have earned more for us Won't think and cannot mature Fucking vampires. Gotta break connection Already out of my system Can't do anything for someone doing nothing Oh but … Continue reading Coffin Dependency

Papers Of Raw Material

Subconscious paper? You still don't understand? I write raw thoughts here then later inside expand. Worried about my scrap sheet. Worried about my work even if the answer is right. She whispers, goddamn him. I whisper, goddamn her. Until I figured out what my window looks like, snowglobe of emotion. Saved by my paper, saved … Continue reading Papers Of Raw Material

Our Creation Of Killers

Photo: Cemetery Angel In Graveyard by Alex Borland  - I leave it to you today I'm through eyes twisted Wrong color wrong mind wrong everything it's time Running out of reasons to stay obedient okay Fuck every courtroom no justice freedom went Got into bed with money and corruption was it well spent Hating people is … Continue reading Our Creation Of Killers