Tin Foil Feet

I'll wait I'll wait I'll wait until it's too late. / I'll promise I'll promise I'll promise then forget. // Perfection, wanted, please But I don't want the work I'll wait, I'll promise Wishing on dead decaying stars Illusions of golden spoons setting us apart. // Sleepwalking drunk I'll blame something else Blame someone else … Continue reading Tin Foil Feet


Loudest coward around this crowded world Asking for a sign while full of inaccurate truth Buttons secured on my lips, need goals Talk so cheap why would anyone buy it Talk so cheap, distasteful. If you let heavy eyelids win, the end Drunk signal of dodging responsibilities ringing always Distasteful. If the paranoia won't shut … Continue reading Distasteful

Saxophone Accompaniment

Humming closing in so balance is almost here. Whispers are cute but I'm ready for direct communication. Already know how interest has been among our laughs. I want to become yours and taste these kisses at last. Highly sexual and loving too I'm now convinced we will go far. Masturbated with you as the star … Continue reading Saxophone Accompaniment

Coffin Dependency

Vampire situation Constantly draining I've ran out of everything Only empty stares back You've got it so hard Extracting resources When I'm empty I hear Should have earned more for us Won't think and cannot mature Fucking vampires. Gotta break connection Already out of my system Can't do anything for someone doing nothing Oh but … Continue reading Coffin Dependency