Hebrews 10:39

Out of weakness made strong, Don't let any fingers slip, my faith wilt or drift. I've been thirsty, unsatisfied, looking for purpose, Stomp my foolish laughter, quiet my loud talk, Promote humbleness yea respect before you God. I need to be in your wonderful presence, without you Jesus, I'd be so lost. They say, boy, … Continue reading Hebrews 10:39

Flaws And All Audio

Relationships cause me to marvel at humanity. How we can go from complete strangers to acquaintances to friends to best friends to one flesh. Exposing our inner worlds to someone who was just a stranger "seconds" ago. Now they live in our heads, possibly forever. Billboards, posters, advertisements, trailers of the future, flashbacks of the … Continue reading Flaws And All Audio

Keyboard Strike Feeling

Slow to speak Within your reach Better to, shake my head and agree. I'm tired This isn't what I imagined Planets between us Universe and you're happy on the other side Say you'll be home in no time. I better find a hobby, a peaceful lobby To lose myself in reading and writing and living … Continue reading Keyboard Strike Feeling