A 2022 Creep

Cracks and dents Scratches and scars Malfunctioning parts, Numb hands Multiplying pain Battles for rest Warfare under the chest, The ending is coming too fast So many roads closed down and abandoned, trashed Oh God I haven't done anything to make you smile Saved yet feel like a villain, Mr. Vile . Hottest winters and … Continue reading A 2022 Creep

Calendar Boxes

Staring calendar. Draining hourglass hours through slippery hands Pondering bullet point meanings of days Am I walking in fog swinging pointlessly at the air Give me what I want okay don't ask me what it is I don't know Adding subtractions while asking what happens to scattering scrambling brains God am I learning or gurgling … Continue reading Calendar Boxes

Who Told You To Wither?

Lies hidden in clear water Are you aware of their presence Consumption without questioning Drink, sick, drink, sick * Who told you no one cares? How do they know? They are never here. In the background desperately seeking your feet. To trip you up again and say it wasn't them, he hee. * The enemy … Continue reading Who Told You To Wither?