Tuesday Into Wednesday Notebook

I didn't get any sleep I was afraid I'd miss something Lines kept flowing in and out Working out through the surface Because I don't really talk Because I don't have any friendly friends My vacuum gets hard I'm confused notebook this doesn't make any sense And God I'm afraid I'm in the wilderness Complaining … Continue reading Tuesday Into Wednesday Notebook

Lying But With Beautiful Music And Candles

You'll never change Permanently the same Just stupid games Stay in your lane And you already know how this ends Why fool all your "friends" Wrap it up and save time you're wasting air I know the future it's gold wrapper wrapped in despair Problems pears your fruit pairs everywhere And the classic when you're … Continue reading Lying But With Beautiful Music And Candles

Attention Clowns

Tell me everything I do is good Tell me everything I touch is protected no need to knock on wood Assure me I shine illuminating entire neighborhoods Mistakes don't happen I misspeak only a half point reduction still qualified to teach When I reach out move aside importance in my movements yours pointless weak Meek … Continue reading Attention Clowns

Serving Hot Snow

Eyes fixed below, feet pace fast brain slow, show the world weightlifting wet envelopes running ink directly into eyes, surprise a demise planned all along hands willful tied Convinced our will is the greatest because if it feels good repeat the playlist, lovers of self we are the greatest greatest, repeat one track earphones in … Continue reading Serving Hot Snow

She Runs Into Danger Joyfully

If I don't agree I should remain silent Cease any attempt to rescue you from yourself Although danger is hidden all you see is freedom While snares and landmines await your rebellion Because doing whatever you want is the ultimate temptation Restraint is control wrapping your hands with metal bars and wires And if I … Continue reading She Runs Into Danger Joyfully