Blurry bitter picture I refuse, still, slow untrusting feet shuffle forward, Because hiding doesn't make sense all waits ahead, God, I don't trust enough, What has been done to me? Why is fear a celebrated source of information? Voice cracking lies popping in sensitive ears, Then I lay in bed telling myself unbelief will have … Continue reading Safeguards

Life Workbook

Imagine this relationship Saved, always saved and held Yet untrusted, always suspected Evidence spilling out of folders Trustworthiness documented consistently Only to hear, well I'm not sure Only to hear, prove it more. Going everywhere minus home Listening to everyone except the source Pleading for them to return, hearing them say they rather burn Calling … Continue reading Life Workbook

Muck Rot

Silent raindrops won't tell where they've been Let's hide and never speak again Under unturned rocks, we watch our lives play out until the end Unknown by many, totally under water as we swim full grins Have the mighty for heroes humans called zeros for wins Under every surface fulfilling purpose once was nervous now, … Continue reading Muck Rot

Once Again With A New Drawing Board

Releasing a familiar place, must turn tired backside from perfectly positioned hammocks that have misled escaping breath, inhale to renew perspectives. Home isn't a tent forced bent into positions pondering if purpose qualifies as well spent, dragging someone else in uncharted territory. Guess I'll walk away, diminishing smile destroy a life I went wild for … Continue reading Once Again With A New Drawing Board