Before You Walk Out The House.

The unseen but promised I float away when immediate results hide Looking elsewhere for confirmation a new thrill to buy Never held onto patience it seemed too boring Plants grow in private masked and when we're snoring Silly me shrugging saying God I don't see anything good here Perhaps I'm not praying and reading right … Continue reading Before You Walk Out The House.

Doors Before The Source

Empty hallway photographs blurred Empty hallway silence has a stern echo Empty hallway potential as debris Empty hallway these empty hands heavy Empty hallway my prayers are becoming dropped papers versus sturdy winds Empty hallway why do your lights continue to dim I don't see doorknobs nor signs I'm alone and surrounded at the same … Continue reading Doors Before The Source

An October Crumble

You hold, then let go uncertain If intimacy is proper, back and forth until I'm dizzy Clothes left out to dry, rain clouds multiply Deep conversations of what we're thinking parched, flooded eyes. // You don't tell everything, hoping I won't notice Of course I do, now I feel insecure Lie again, say secrets can't … Continue reading An October Crumble