Garbage Post: Broken Boat Never Float

I'll go, but I'll miss you too. I wish you knew me, completely. But my mysterious ways, have always, intrigued you. So let gaps grow, distance flow, in pieces we should have discussed instead flushed into the unknown don't know each other now I'm gone flown opportunities away got nothing else to say play silent … Continue reading Garbage Post: Broken Boat Never Float

Garbage Post: 13 Gallon

Made a difference, tell me, before this final bell I can tell I'm not well smell sadness my decisions dead, bed calls tears fall without prescriptions look it's sick I'm praying hearing echoes still won't let go Feel I'm flawed more than ever running loops sinister hoops my countenance droops all my prayer formula books … Continue reading Garbage Post: 13 Gallon

Edmond Martha

A Martha man Worried and upset about many things Seeking control, it doesn't belong to me, I'll be fine if I can organize every second Secure if I can control everything in my life, Shadows, rain, death, pain, unforeseen weather, variables attack together And God, some days I'm expecting your signature on an itinerary delivered … Continue reading Edmond Martha

Church Member On The Back Pew

God says, focus on the solution instead of the problem. Drifting mind on a low raft, mighty splashes come to overrun. God tell me how fear has helped me through, not at all you'll say, trust my love always. God tell me what has changed inside of fear, what good has appeared doubting? / Every … Continue reading Church Member On The Back Pew