Garbage Post: By The Park In GC

Rejection is a giant Worthlessness, worthlessness is a giant too And we wrestle, box, war Foolishness asking what considering beforehand is for Indifference stands by hands folded, shrug upon shrug coating places I thought secure fully exposed scolded I write papers to the sewer people, through the ugly parts of human nature So when they … Continue reading Garbage Post: By The Park In GC

Retire Tired

She's done everything, she says everything has been tried Last minute pillow talk, right before sleep lies Because we assume there will be another moment soon Fix it tomorrow morning, but what if one of us is gone then Should have fixed immediately, risk last moments playing repeatedly Mistake, regret We're all guilty here, make … Continue reading Retire Tired

Garbage Post: Rattle Pillow

You can sleep without me I cannot sleep without you You are selfish snoring peacefully While I'm awake fearing famine, fearing drought. // Guess I take things too seriously Guess I should laugh about it all I'm missing something You are complete and far I'll stop looking at you for what I need We were … Continue reading Garbage Post: Rattle Pillow