Garbage Post: Dirty Showers

Filth and grime Self deception and lying And I want to be cleansed from dead works, they always hurt, wasting energy scrubbing, rubbing, foolishness Selfishness is always high yeah up to something resulting in scum Shower to shower walls of my mind resemble gunk Armed with a hammer, silly, baking soda, where is fruitful fruit, … Continue reading Garbage Post: Dirty Showers

And So Gone To The Wind

We blinked Erasable ink I thought you were glued to my journal Then it was goodbye Flooded eyes A flood watch and warning issued Followed by a severe shortage of tissues // We blinked Turned away Erased No longer interested in what the other one says Invisible lives Invisible poems we've parted ways And it … Continue reading And So Gone To The Wind

Rivers’ Avenue

Don't fall in love with your eyes or ears It all disappears no matter how sincere Vine to vine problem to problem worksheet life constantly solving for y My greatest efforts appealing like a raw sewage pie Without Jesus Christ every branch withers then dies Been focusing on me a recipe for disaster tested and … Continue reading Rivers’ Avenue

How I Got Them Problems

Too many errors, too many bad choices, turn away I'm hearing running away will solve my problems, lie after lie Nothing will ever change, don't try just stand by and cry Leaning on a broken leg for painful familiar feelings, unimportant thoughts spread around and I'm dealing with weaknesses - So many errors. Lack of … Continue reading How I Got Them Problems