A 2022 Creep

Cracks and dents

Scratches and scars

Malfunctioning parts,

Numb hands

Multiplying pain

Battles for rest

Warfare under the chest,

The ending is coming too fast

So many roads closed down and abandoned, trashed

Oh God I haven’t done anything to make you smile

Saved yet feel like a villain, Mr. Vile


Hottest winters and colder summers

Uncoordinated lousy drummer

And I do but don’t know where to start

I’ll agree then ignore to play my part

Sometimes I feel like an off beat loop

Yet my understanding is incomplete have I been duped

By my God I can run upon a troop

I can leap over walls screaming whoop

Have mercy on me

Don’t forsake me as these years pile upon me and bones begin to shake.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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