Broke My Necklace Today

Okay so I broke my necklace today

Behind each shoulder I’m looking

Because I feel chills

Every action due

And I can never pay the bill

God I’m ashamed

I’m not ashamed of myself enough

As if I can handle these days without looking up

Jesus died for us and yet still I feel disconnected

I’ve been dragging my feet quick to drift off and fall asleep

Wearing the cross feeling too far off

And I know it’s all in my head but our conversations have died they are dead


Feeling like the worst child

A foolish son

My time almost done

Grown but childish continuing to play games

Stupid smiles and smirks as I run


I opened my Bible and almost instantly fell asleep

The want engaged but the flesh so weak

And these days of repetitions box me in

I’m a defendant passing off sin as something I can’t win

We both know better and I’m feeling the heat of red letters

Scared my time is up and nothing I’ve done amounts to much

Hold me and bring me back from shadows and valleys skies pitch black.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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